Ok, now that all of the stuff is in place, I will start announcing new releases and posting new Items/Creeps/Nonsense that will go into future versions here. So, the new stuff will be at the top now, but the existing stuff was added alphabetically.

As always, please post problems and bugs in the forum. There is a MoreCreeps and Weirdos forum right here on this site. It is not meant to replace the main Forum, but nonsensical companion to that forum. You can download the new version in the DOWNLOADS section. Enjoy!!

Visit the new forum from the menu at the top, or right HERE!



ADDED: New spawning code using DrZhark’s Custom Spawner. This is now a required mod.
ADDED: Diamond Ponies that can you can fly. These special Ponies can only be created by breeding.
ADDED: Bombs that allow you to blast the cash out of Goo Goats. Also good for other destruction. Crafted with Iron, Diodes and a Battery.
ADDED: Delicious Cupcakes dropped by the Hunchback. Now, where did those come from? You don’t want to know!
ADDED: Equipping your Guinea Pig, Hotdog or Pony with same armor will remove the armor
TWEAK: Robot Ted better textures and player attack
TWEAK: Floob textures and RayGun aiming. Floobs are deadlier than ever in preparation for the invasion.
TWEAK: Bubblegum blows better and still explodes!
TWEAK: Growbot Gregg now drops diodes
TWEAK: Increased growth rate of baby Ponies
FIXED: Floob keep blasting even when supersize!
FIXED: Mounted Ponies getting killed when running into blocks.
FIXED: Errors on restoring dead Ponies with LifeGem
FIXED: Hotdog and GuineaPigs will now not attack Ponies
FIXED: GooGoats, ManDog, Kid, Lolliman now will seek revenge if provoked.

10 Replies to “MoreCreeps 2.58 released”

  1. Brian McCloskey says:

    i did installed it but nothing will spawn? can you help

    1. Freakstritch says:

      In the download section, you will see an error report tool, run that and post in the forums.

      1. Brian McCloskey says:

        thanks,but that didnt do it it says 3 mods loaded fml minecraft forge toomany items and it says the more creepes and werido are their but i see the castle there and people in it but the g and other thing are not i cahge everything to 12 but still nothing will spawn and i have all items and stuff i hear sound
        but it dosent like me lol can u help ?

  2. Axel Tovar says:

    same thing but nothing i tried the dumb thing to go to peaceful and then to hard but ovbiously didnt work

  3. Axel Tovar says:

    same thing but nothing i tried the dumb thing to go to peaceful and then to hard but ovbiously didnt work can you at least answer

  4. Graham says:

    I downloaded More creeps and weirdos 2.58 right i see the mobs but every time i try to put up my volume it crashes my minecraft please help i cant find anything to help mee.


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