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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:03 am 
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For those of you who are either making the transition to More Creeps & Weirdos v2.60+ or are trying this mod out for the first time, this is the version of the MCPatcher installation method guide to use.

Guide v1.3

  1. Make sure your Java is up to date.
  2. Back up your world saves if you have any existing worlds you want to keep.
  3. Delete your Minecraft 'bin', 'mods' and 'resources' folders
  4. Launch the game as you would normally, so that the required folders that were deleted can be replaced.
  5. Now use the MCPatcher tool (launch it by double clicking the MCPatcher .jar)

  1. You should find yourself looking at an interface that looks a bit like this (fig. 1.1) (appearance will vary between operating systems, but the layout and buttons are similar enough).
    Fig. 1.1:
  2. The check-box to the side of each option should be unchecked for each mod that you do not want to install. For the purpose of this guide I am leaving the 6 mods that come with MCPatcher uninstalled).

  3. It is now time to install the required mods to play MoreCreeps & Weirdos. Start by clicking the indicated button (fig. 1.2)
    Fig. 1.2:

  4. Clicking the '+' button allows you to select a mod to have MCPatcher install for you. After clicking it you should see your operating system's standard interface for choosing a file to load. (fig. 1.3 shows what this looks like on a Mac 10.5.8 for example). Navigate to where you keep a copy of the .zip for Minecraftforge-client and select it (just click it once to highlight it), then click the button that says "open".
    Fig. 1.3:

  5. This step may look confusing (fig. 1.4), but do not worry. Everything in this part is very automated, as this new screen is showing what files are being copied from the .zip and what position they will occupy in the copy of the Minecraft .jar made and used by MCPatcher. The only thing you need to do here is click the "OK" button, since with the mods I will be showing how to install (and most of the 20+ other mods I have tried) do not have anything in them that needs to be changed at this screen.
    Fig. 1.4:

  6. Congratulations! You have just successfully added Forge to the list of mods to install. :mrgreen: Now it is time to start Forge so you can add the next mod.

  7. This part is very easy. Make sure that the check-box beside Forge on the list is checked (fig. 1.5 shows what this looks like on a Mac).
    Fig. 1.5:

  8. Now click the button at the bottom that says "Patch". (fig. 1.6)
    Fig. 1.6:

  9. This is another step that can be confusing at first. When you click the "Patch" button MCPatcher will check to see if there are any files in the mods being installed that conflict with existing files in the Minecraft .jar or in other mods. Conflicts like these can cause some mods to not work together, so when conflicts are detected MCPatcher will bring up an interface telling you conflicts were detected. For the purposes of this walk through you will only need to click the "Yes" button to ignore any conflicts that come up and continue patching.
    • (fig. 1.7 shows what this menu looks like for me with all the mods I currently use, but it will be very different depending on what mods you have)
    Fig. 1.7:

  10. When the patching is finished it is time to run the mod so that Forge can set everything up for the next part. To do this quickly, click the button that says "Test Minecraft" (fig. 1.8)(this will launch the game in offline mode). When you get to the title screen, start a new game in Minecraft (it doesn't matter what you name it) and once your new world loads and you can start playing, just save and quit out of Minecraft completely.
    Fig. 1.8:

  11. You should now be back in MCPatcher with that looks something like this (fig. 1.9). Click on the tab that says "Mods" (as shown in the picture).
    Fig. 1.9:

  12. You are now ready to begin installing the other required mods.

  1. Not every mod needs to be installed individually with MCPatcher, nor can every mod be installed correctly through it without added hassle involving changing the contents of the .zip. (I have found that this is usually the case with some mods where the installation instructions say it just needs to be placed in the "Mods" folder in the Minecraft directory).

  2. The CustomMobSpawner mod is one of these types of mods. Open the Minecraft directory (where the Bin, Resources, Saves, etc are located) and place a copy of the CustomMobSpawner mod .zip inside the "Mods" folder.

  3. You now have CustomMobSpawner installed.

  1. You are now ready to install More Creeps & Weirdos. To do this, find the .rar for More Creeps & Weirdos and unpack it. Inside should be a folder named "PUT CONTENTS INTO MINECRAFT FOLDER". Open this folder.

  2. Inside there are two more folders. One is named "mods" and the other is named "resources" (fig. 4.1). Open the one named "mods" and copy the two files inside it, then paste them inside the "Mods" folder in the Mincecraft directory (the same as with the Custom Spawner mod). The text file is used to configure spawn rates for this mod, and the MoreCreepsAndWeirdos.zip file contains the mod itself (except for the sound effects).
    Fig. 4.1:

  3. Go back to the "PUT CONTENTS INTO MINECRAFT FOLDER" folder you unpacked. Depending on your operating system you will need to do this part differently:
    • PC: Just merge the folder named "resources" with the "Resources" folder in the Minecraft directory. This should automatically place the files where they need to go.
    • Mac: Open the folder named "resources" and keep going deeper into it until you reach a folder named "creepsounds". Copy this folder. Now go back to the Minecraft directory and open the "Resources" folder. Inside will be several folders. Open the one named "mod" (fig. 4.2). Inside this folder are several more, but you need to open the one named "sound" (fig. 4.3). Inside the "sound" folder you just need to paste the "creepsounds" folder and you're done.
    Fig. 4.2:

    Fig. 4.3:

  4. Go back to MCPatcher.

  5. If you did everything correctly and everything is the right version you should be ready to play. To make sure everything is installed correctly just click the "Test Minecraft" button again.

  6. If the game loads and the lets you play with More Creeps & Weirdos, then it is working correctly. You can now quit out, exit MCPatcher and play normally
    • If the game instead crashes, you will be given an error log. Simply copy-paste the entire error log to show us and someone should be able to figure out what went wrong.

  1. If you choose to install other mods with MCPatcher there are certain things to know first.

  2. For the purpose of this guide I will show how to install ModloaderMP since some mods will still require it to be installed.

  3. Begin by opening MCPatcher again.

  4. Click the '+' button again so you can install a new mod. Navigate to where you keep a copy of the .zip for ModloaderMP and select it (just click it once to highlight it), then click the button that says "open".

  5. The following screen should be familiar, and as with last time you just click "OK" without changing anything. (fig. 2.2).
    Fig. 2.2:

  6. Your MCPatcher lineup of mods to be installed should now look something like this (fig. 2.3)
    Fig. 2.3:

  7. It is important to remember that the order in which mods are listed in this interface determines which ones are installed first and which ones will overwrite files from other mods in certain situations. Those on the top of the list are installed first (excluding the ones not checked). With mods like Modloader, Modloader MP and Forge, the order is also very important since Modloader needs to be installed before any other mods. If you use Modloader MP you should install it after Modloader (doesn't matter if it's before or after AudioMod), while Forge needs to be installed last since it contains the files that must overwrite certain files in Modloader and Modloader MP.
    • If you need to change the lineup you can click the mod you want to move and then the two buttons with triangles pointing up and down (fig. 2.4).
    • For now just make sure ModLoaderMP is above Forge.
    • Remember: you do not need ModLoader or Audiomod anymore with the latest Forge.
    Fig. 2.4:

  8. Now check to make sure the mods are all installed properly.

  9. Go back to the MCPatcher interface and click the "Test Minecraft" button again. Once you reach the title screen you can just load the world made earlier and after going into it you can quit out like last time.

  10. If you do not experience any crashes during the test it should mean that the mods are installed properly.

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