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Pet Radio 5000
9 years, 5 months ago Posted in: Items & Recipes 6

TIP: The Pet Radio 5000 will gather all pets in a 150 block radius. So, if your pets are still in jail, use this to bust them loose!

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  1. Bob the Destroyer says:

    Hey Freak, Do you know if we’ll be able to see some BAD creeps this time around? Because i BEG you to make an evil clown!

    • Freakstritch says:

      The Raging Bull is half bad, depending on whether or not you are mean to him. The next update 2.6.3 will have at least two bad creeps – one of which is Nether based. This will also be a 1.2.5 release while I work on SMP code.

      • Bob the Destroyer says:

        Awesome! Sounds SICK! It’s unfortunate that SMP will take alot of time, but on the plus side there will be multiplayer support!
        P.S. Thanks for all you do, you are simply amazing!

  2. Gustavo says:

    Amazing mod you made 🙂 I never saw one that had so much contents,I’m looking foward for the minecraft 1.3.1 version of this mod.

  3. Eric says:

    Could you add spawn eggs and a creative section for MoreCreeps and Weirdos items?

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