I have posted a new update for More Creeps and Weirdos – version 2.59!

This version adds support for the latest Minecraft Forge 3.3.7 and eliminates the need for MODLOADER and AUDIOMOD, which makes installation easier and eliminates many problems.

I wanted to get this version out quickly, as people have been having problems with bugs and spawning, but rest assured that I will address all of the bugs with another release very shortly.

If you have any troubles with this new version, please go to the forums link at the top of this page and post in the troubleshooting section for help!


UPDATED: Minecraft Forge 3.3.7 compatibility added. Modloader and AudioMod no longer needed
FIXED: BubbleScum and Kid will become hostile if you hit them while giving piggy back rides
FIXED: Discomoles leave evidence of parties and destroy chests
FIXED: Ponies dissapear after breeding
FIXED: Ponies kill eachother if lovemaking turns sour
FIXED: BubbleScum now drop bubblegum
FIXED: Zebra Armor not assigned a name
FIXED: Mandogs now eat their porkchops
FIXED: Mandogs drop crazy bones
FIXED: Army Guys drop duplicate apples
FIXED: Some Guinea Pig achievements listed as Hotdog achievements
FIXED: Trophies not appearing for Dust To Dust, Calling all pigs, Man’s Best FSriend achievements
FIXED: Floobs suffocating in cramped quarters
FIXED: Evil Scientists will seek revenge if attacked
FIXED: Ponies will no longer grow to adult on your head and get stuck
FIXED: Floob immunity from Rayguns and Guns recinded
FIXED: Rays and Bullets can no longer be deflected
FIXED: Trophies make mummy sounds
FIXED: Bums no longer have broken left arm
FIXED: FloobShips explode propery
TWEAK: Pony maturity accelerated
TWEAK: Evil Scientist’s sparks no longer break their legs
TWEAK: Setting bombs on GooGoats easier – remember to sneak wile setting bombs
TWEAK: Growbot Gregg drops adjusted for more diodes, less GrowRays
TWEAK: Hitboxes for BigBaby, SneakySal and Camel reduced
TWEAK: Increased Guinea Pig leveling. Keep your Guinea Pigs trained to increase leveling speed
TWEAK: Sneaky Sal removed one pair of underwear and is a little easier to kill
TWEAK: RatMen are not quite as fast as they used to be
TWEAK: Black Souls are black instead of brightly lit christmas trees
TWEAK: MoreCreeps achievements now have their own page
TWEAK: Some creeps have been kicked out of hell
TWEAK: Bum and NonSwimmer textures improved

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