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How to play MoreCreeps if you updated to 1.3.2!
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Use MCNostalgia to downgrade back to 1.2.5 minecraft, and then you could use Minecraft Portable so that you can have 1.3.2 and 1.2.5 in different folders and run them as you like!!

Once you have Minecraft 1.2.5 portable running in a new folder, you can go ahead and update your normal minecraft to 1.3.2 or whatever version and now you have both versions at your disposal!

1.3.2 removes single player as we know it, forcing all mods to now be mutliplayer compatible! While this may sound exciting, it will take awhile for mods to migrate to the new multiplayer format. So, grab the apps below and continue to game in version 1.2.5 until MoreCreeps and you other favorite mods are updated!

I will start working on upgrading MoreCreeps to 1.3.1 when Minecraft Forge is released, but until then I plan on updating the 1.2.5 version with more wacky stuff and the usual bug fixes.

Get MCNostalgia HERE

Get Minecraft Portable HERE

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62 Responses

  1. Ariel says:

    i have a problem i update my mine craft to 1.3.2, so culd you make it that i could download more creeps and weirdos in 1.3.2

  2. Fluttertroll says:

    Very excited for 1.3 ! 😀

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Jabby says:

    Cant u just update it to 1.3.2 because if its on 1.3.2 u can still do the awesome things with update [unlike in 1.3.5 (no ender chests… no sideways wood…)] PLEASE

  4. lizziedrew says:

    hey umm when is the more creeps update. to 1.3.1

  5. Ariel says:

    i tried doing that but i have a problem : the ModLoader/ Audiomod are for 1.3.2 but the More Creeps & Weirdos/ Minecraft forge are 1.2.5 what should i do?

  6. ZyxX says:

    Hows it going on the update to 1.3.2?


  7. ZyxX says:

    Awesome! Really love this mod! 😀

  8. jazzy says:


  9. Lizzy says:

    Hey, i know your probably still working on it but do you have any expected date for the 1.3 release

  10. D4rknsnow says:

    How is the update coming alone mate? Will you release like a test version of 1.3.2 version?

  11. gamer8039 says:

    Wow, I’ve been wanting to get this mod since about a month ago when I heard about it. That was when 1.3.1 came out, and the mod was only valid for 1.2.5. I’ve tried 3 different methods of trying to install this mod, yet none of them work. Well, I can’t wait till the update! 😀
    (Btw, I meant to put this on the forums but my account wasn’t activated yet.)

  12. ashtobro says:

    freakstich, do you think it’l be up this weekend? i love this mod.

  13. Lizzy says:

    Hey this is actually working for me 🙂 SO EXCITED!

  14. noch says:

    hey can you’s updata you mod to 1.3.2 or just stop

  15. (Person of interest) says:

    Please make the download a .zip file for easier install, next time , I have problems with other installers, for those who use installers, and other applications like that, and don’t have archivers, it makes their lives a hella alot eaiser.

    • Weegeerocx says:

      It really does help me, to have the mod a .Zip file with all the contents inside… But I always have more problems with my installer because this mod is in a .rar file… Anyone help me to up-to-date mod files?

  16. Olivia says:

    This is so confusing not this website but when a try to install it uses a .rar but it also uses notepa:( IM A NOOB

  17. Lisa says:

    Heyo !
    Will the 1.3.1 update work for 1.3.2 as well ? (:
    Thanks so much

  18. krystal says:

    when is this going to be updated to 1.4.2 beacause i realy wanna play it it looks realy fun!

  19. Mike says:

    Will this be upgraded to 1.4.5? Or is this mod sadly dead??

  20. KentuckyFriedSpy says:

    I have been a big fan of More Creeps And Weirdos and I was just wondering if it was ever going to update to 1.4.5

  21. ashtobro says:

    it’s 1.4 already, when will it be done!?!??!

  22. cor says:

    Update ordinary man confessed all mod like mo creature and self flans I think this mod great but you should update it because I would love to play this mod but I can do but I would like to 1.4.6 because then all mod out there as mo creature and flans etc I hope you update

  23. Bob20167 says:

    Will this mod be updated to 1.4.7

  24. anomien says:

    took a long time to update its now 1.4.7

  25. cor says:

    pleas make and vidoe tutrial

  26. Anonymous says:

    This really needs to update its 1.4.7 now and forge has been out for quite a long time

  27. Eric says:

    Can you please add spawn eggs for the mobs?

  28. Jakob says:

    Are you still working on releasing the mod for the more updated versions of minecraft?

  29. xboygamer says:

    update it to 1.5.1

  30. copr says:

    video tutorialPLEAS

  31. ashtobro says:

    it’s almost 1.6, when will it be updated, this is my favourite mod, and ive seen many mods and modpacks

  32. AllyCat50 says:

    There is an easier way.. just use MinecraftVersionChanger MVC

  33. Sailordragon87 says:

    I need Guinea pigs soon please!!! Can they me in a mod all of their own to get it out faster??? PLEASE!!!!???

    Thank you!

  34. mimi says:

    1.6.4 update please!!!!!!

  35. can you please update it to 1.7.2 and 1.6.4?

  36. [1.6.4] MoreCreeps & Weirdos v3.00 EVREYTHING UPDATED!

  37. zZdarkStrikerZz says:

    could you update it to minecraft 1.6.4 or 1.7.9 that would be good i spent a jear triing to update it but theare isn t a 1.6.4 update

  38. Sad Miner says:

    Will you ever continue more creeps? It was my favourite mod 🙁

  39. devek1 says:

    it’s been 2 years and no updates, not even the planned 1.3 update, what’s up?

  40. SimFinch says:

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a 1.8 or 1.9 guinea pig mod!!!!!! i beg u plz plz plz!!!! i really love this mod but u needa make a forge 1.8/1.9 version!!!!!!! plz!!!!!

  41. nicole says:

    this mod is epic 🙂

  42. Zekken says:

    I’m Very Excited for the 1.10.2 port!

  43. Xephosians says:

    Is sad that is been closely over 4.5 year’s and we never hear from him. Maybe hes dead we want to know. But probably never going to know. I am sad

  44. Freakstritch says:

    Not dead yet! But dang, every time I try to get back into this mod, something happens. Forge seems to keep getting better and better, so it would be nice to begin again….

    • Kylie says:

      This mod was my childhood! I had it when I was 11 and played it everyday then when I was 14 you stopped updating and I still backdate to play it lol.

      I love this mod and it would be great to have an awesome comeback!

    • Freakstritch says:

      Am I really replying to myself? I guess I am! I still hope to get this mod up to date! I think I need help – big time!

      • Kylie says:

        Hi still here and like to check back on this site to see how it’s all been going. I understand that you’d need help, i’m sure there’s tons of people out there willing to help; I can’t code/do stuff like that 🙁

      • RickWeek says:

        Hi Freakstritch, I’m the one who trying to update your mod. I have tried to update it by myself but I can not, too much work for one person and forge keeps updating. If you want some help write me on my email: , i’m not the best modder but some pieces of code has already updated to 1.10.2. I hope you will write me soon!

      • Hit me up, or DeltaJordan/elias54. We’ve already started. I’m trying to get it working on 1.14.3. Linked to my fork of their Github page. Hope you’re still interested.

  45. Ciitrix says:

    HI !
    I would like to know : Why you didn’t release yet this mod in 1.7.10 ?
    Hard to developp ? No time ?

  46. It would be great if you would release the source code so you could get help with the porting!
    I would atleast be happy to help

  47. Matthew says:

    I remember playing this mod back in the day, shame it stopped. If you still want this mod ported i would do what the person above said and release the source code.

  48. Eaglebolt says:

    Here I am, coming back into Minecraft from my last time playing in beta or alpha, I forget. Only three mods I even remember and went straight looking for before I even downloaded Minecraft again. Mo Creatures, Millenaire and the amazingly amusing More Creeps and Weirdos. Freakstritch, I actually didn’t get to play with your mod much as my computer back then broke, but I want to thank you for the few moments of wonder I had as every corner I turned there was something new and wacky. Better villagers and more creatures are fine, but yours added the most interesting and even new places to find. My favorite mod ever, so far. I hope one day, someone, somewhere, somehow, manages to bring back this amazing mod. Thank you again for your creations, Freakstritch.

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