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TIP: They payout for winning at slots is random

TIP: Give an Old Lady a Lucky Dress to increase her chances of winning!

TIP: Getting three sad baby heads will win the player a special bonus!

TIP: You can destroy Slot Machines and move them somewhere else

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Another bug fix and tweaks update – this one corrects many flaws and adds a bit of fun! Please post any bugs you find – my goal is to have a bug-free version and then when Minecraft 1.3 gets released, prepare myself to live under a pile of bugs with just a straw, some dirty chicken wings and a copy of Man-Thing #12.


ADDED: Towel fun
FIXED: Ponies WANDER when told to STAY
FIXED: Your minions will no longer extract blood from robots
FIXED: Crash when Sneaky Sal shoots other creeps
FIXED: Damage and attack code on some creeps
FIXED: Missing Chicken Wing drops for Todd and Ted
FIXED: Crash when killing a baby Schlump. Why would anyone do that?
FIXED: Schlump spacticity when hitting an innocent Schlump. Why, oh, why?
FIXED: Baby Pony spacticity when hitting a sick baby Pony. You monster!
TWEAK: BigBabies have been weakened
TWEAK: Hippo, Googoat, and Lolliman will not love each other to death.
TWEAK: Attack range adjusted downward for Lolliman and Sneaky Sal
TWEAK: Tamed Camels will forgive you for roughing them up