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Slot Machine
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TIP: They payout for winning at slots is random

TIP: Give an Old Lady a Lucky Dress to increase her chances of winning!

TIP: Getting three sad baby heads will win the player a special bonus!

TIP: You can destroy Slot Machines and move them somewhere else

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6 Responses

  1. Djc1999 says:

    It’s a bit sick to force the elderly to work at slot machines for the rest of their lives… I love it! Well, then again, you do pay them with a lovely dress and they would be wandering in the wilderness then despawn, so maybe it’s not so evil after all…

  2. Djc1999 says:

    Hey freak, do the old ladies decompose even when they are not on the slots? Or can you grab some old ladie, slap some dresses on them and save em’ till the one on the slots needs to be replaced?

    • Freakstritch says:

      Once an Old Lady has a Lucky Dress, they will live forever! Although, they will not play slots as efficiently as they did in their youth…. but they are still just as lucky.

      • Freakstritch says:

        There was also an idea floating around that you could destroy the skeleton of an Old Lady and use the bones for a Grandma pickaxe, but let’s get serious here. Who would even think of such a thing!

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