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TIP: Collect some Raging Bull Hide to make Rage Armor!

TIP: Enraged Bulls will randomly select targets to smash. However, if you have provoked them, then you are on the list!

TIP: Bull Roast Steaks are one of the most delicious and replenishing foods there are.

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TIP: Old Ladies will live forever if they had some fashion sense at one time and were given a Lucky Dress to wear.

TIP: Beating an Old Lady to death [or zapping them with RayGuns or whatever] may yeild some delicious Hard Candy! But this type of activity is discouraged.

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TIP: They payout for winning at slots is random

TIP: Give an Old Lady a Lucky Dress to increase her chances of winning!

TIP: Getting three sad baby heads will win the player a special bonus!

TIP: You can destroy Slot Machines and move them somewhere else

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TIP: Old Ladies wearing a Lucky Dress will not despawn, but they may still turn into skeletons

TIP: A Lucky Dress will yeild more Hard Candy if such an Old Lady meets her untimely demise


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Despite the pending update to Mincraft 1.3, I plan on releasing a few more versions for Mincraft 1.2.5! This is because the move to 1.3 will be a bit more involved and will require re-writing large portions of the mod.

Meanwhile, in the next update, I will be including several new creeps and other nonsense along with the usual bugfixes and tweaks. Here is a peek…

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Another bug fix and tweaks update – this one corrects many flaws and adds a bit of fun! Please post any bugs you find – my goal is to have a bug-free version and then when Minecraft 1.3 gets released, prepare myself to live under a pile of bugs with just a straw, some dirty chicken wings and a copy of Man-Thing #12.


ADDED: Towel fun
FIXED: Ponies WANDER when told to STAY
FIXED: Your minions will no longer extract blood from robots
FIXED: Crash when Sneaky Sal shoots other creeps
FIXED: Damage and attack code on some creeps
FIXED: Missing Chicken Wing drops for Todd and Ted
FIXED: Crash when killing a baby Schlump. Why would anyone do that?
FIXED: Schlump spacticity when hitting an innocent Schlump. Why, oh, why?
FIXED: Baby Pony spacticity when hitting a sick baby Pony. You monster!
TWEAK: BigBabies have been weakened
TWEAK: Hippo, Googoat, and Lolliman will not love each other to death.
TWEAK: Attack range adjusted downward for Lolliman and Sneaky Sal
TWEAK: Tamed Camels will forgive you for roughing them up

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Many bugs patched in this version – most of the major bugs have now been fixed, leading to a much more enjoyable play experience. The next version will see the addition of new creeps and more nonsense! Enjoy!


ADDED: DigBug insurance. Set this to true to have DigBugs always cover their holes in the event of their death
ADDED: Dirty Chicken Wing drop for Robot Ted and Robot Todd
FIXED: Guinea Pigs, Hotdogs and Ponies will now attack creatures that use new AI tasks
FIXED: Lawyers,Gs,Mandogs,Lollimen,Kids,Blorps,Bums,Prisoners and Sal will now seek revenge
FIXED: Getting rewarded for just doing your job! Removed infinite crafting rewards
FIXED: Rocket Jockey achievement not working or showing up in achievements list
FIXED: Unlimited achievement for crafting anything exploit
FIXED: DigBugs will only dig up valid blocks such as dirt, sand, gravel, grass and leaves
FIXED: Disco Moles no longer wreck the place, but they will still suck your ores!
FIXED: Growbot Gregg will leave vanilla Minecraft creatures alone
FIXED: Floobs no longer fire RayGuns from beyond the grave
FIXED: Floob Ships explode when destroyed or gas runs out. Can be turned off in MoreCreeps.txt
FIXED: Pony attacks now increase Lawyer fines
FIXED: Lawyers From Hell once again randomly turn into Bums or Undead Lawyers when killed
FIXED: Trying to take a BubbleScum with a baby Pony on your head will cause the BubbleScum to sit on the ground
FIXED: Googoats, Gs, Lawyers, and Lolliman will not retaliate against Guinea Pigs, HotDogs, or Ponies
FIXED: Revenge restored for Lawyers,
TWEAK: Lawyer fines get reduced slowly over time
TWEAK: Rayguns,Guns and Army Guy Gems last longer
TWEAK: Robot Ted will drop more 16K Ram when decombobulated
TWEAK: G’s will now also drop Gum and Guns

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I have posted a new update for More Creeps and Weirdos – version 2.59!

This version adds support for the latest Minecraft Forge 3.3.7 and eliminates the need for MODLOADER and AUDIOMOD, which makes installation easier and eliminates many problems.

I wanted to get this version out quickly, as people have been having problems with bugs and spawning, but rest assured that I will address all of the bugs with another release very shortly.

If you have any troubles with this new version, please go to the forums link at the top of this page and post in the troubleshooting section for help!


UPDATED: Minecraft Forge 3.3.7 compatibility added. Modloader and AudioMod no longer needed
FIXED: BubbleScum and Kid will become hostile if you hit them while giving piggy back rides
FIXED: Discomoles leave evidence of parties and destroy chests
FIXED: Ponies dissapear after breeding
FIXED: Ponies kill eachother if lovemaking turns sour
FIXED: BubbleScum now drop bubblegum
FIXED: Zebra Armor not assigned a name
FIXED: Mandogs now eat their porkchops
FIXED: Mandogs drop crazy bones
FIXED: Army Guys drop duplicate apples
FIXED: Some Guinea Pig achievements listed as Hotdog achievements
FIXED: Trophies not appearing for Dust To Dust, Calling all pigs, Man’s Best FSriend achievements
FIXED: Floobs suffocating in cramped quarters
FIXED: Evil Scientists will seek revenge if attacked
FIXED: Ponies will no longer grow to adult on your head and get stuck
FIXED: Floob immunity from Rayguns and Guns recinded
FIXED: Rays and Bullets can no longer be deflected
FIXED: Trophies make mummy sounds
FIXED: Bums no longer have broken left arm
FIXED: FloobShips explode propery
TWEAK: Pony maturity accelerated
TWEAK: Evil Scientist’s sparks no longer break their legs
TWEAK: Setting bombs on GooGoats easier – remember to sneak wile setting bombs
TWEAK: Growbot Gregg drops adjusted for more diodes, less GrowRays
TWEAK: Hitboxes for BigBaby, SneakySal and Camel reduced
TWEAK: Increased Guinea Pig leveling. Keep your Guinea Pigs trained to increase leveling speed
TWEAK: Sneaky Sal removed one pair of underwear and is a little easier to kill
TWEAK: RatMen are not quite as fast as they used to be
TWEAK: Black Souls are black instead of brightly lit christmas trees
TWEAK: MoreCreeps achievements now have their own page
TWEAK: Some creeps have been kicked out of hell
TWEAK: Bum and NonSwimmer textures improved